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Friday, 5 July 2013

6 Top Party Tips

1. Avoid the pressure of who to choose to invite to your child’s birthday party from their class – share the party with another child who has a birthday around the same time.  Invite half the class each.  It halves the cost and no child gets left out.

2. Take a group photo of everyone at the party and use it to make a thank you card to everyone who came.
3. Give the children a craft activity to do as they arrive – such as a large piece of paper they can decorate to use as a place mat. For toddlers, include an art project at the end – this calms them down before they are released into the general population.  You will find many free children’s craft activities here.
4. When playing party games, make sure each one lasts no more than 5 minutes – any longer and children can become bored.  You will find many party game ideas here.
5. Write out name labels for each child.  When they win a prize stick the label onto the prize.  Not only does this name the prizes, but you get to see who you have left and who hasn’t won a prize yet.
6.  Plan, plan, plan!  Involve the birthday child as much as possible – choosing the theme, games, music etc.  Have a rough timetable of what you will be doing and when.  Make sure you prepare the party bags well in advance – you’d be amazed the amount of parents I’ve seen at parties who are still filling party bags 10 minutes before the party is due to finish!  Expect lots of noise and chaos and embrace it.  So long as you have planned well, all will be fine!

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