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Monday, 29 April 2013

Colour In Party Bags

For a long time now, our business has been focussing on our speciality, printed cotton party bags.  One of our most popular lines is our personalised printed cotton party bags.  To accompany these, we also offer free printable colouring sheets, featuring the same characters that are printed on the bags.

It seemed to us, the next logical step was to combine these two products to create a colour-in party bag!  And here they are!! 


Launched this month, they are already proving popular because not only do they make a fantastic goody bag that will be of use long after your party or event, they provide a wonderful craft activity for children to do during long events such as weddings, Christenings and big family celebrations.
Of course, we also supply special fabric crayons, which give a much better finish than a normal wax crayon, and each bag can be personalised with your child's name, giving them that extra "wow".
You can see the new range of colour-in party bags here.

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