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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


When someone mentions the word "childhood", what image does it conjure up?  I always think about those special memories such as summer holidays - particularly those spent on the east coast of England - along with the big waves, freezing sea, home-made pasties and sand-riddled sandwiches.  This image of 2 of my sons, was taken during one such holiday on the Suffolk coast.   They'd been happily splashing around in the grey, choppy North sea, seemingly unaware of how bitingly cold  it was!  Inevitably, the presence of a large, grey cloud and the increasingly blustery wind convinced them it was time to perhaps dry off and pursue less sea-based activities!

This blog post is different to my normal one, as I have joined a blog hop to highlight the fact that until 30th August, Worldvision will have all funding matched by DFID .  Every £1.00 donated during this time will be matched by the government and will go towards longterm projects to help rescue the lost childhoods and build a better future for children in West Africa.

Any amount, large or small, can be donated via the Worldvision website.

I'm tagging 2 other bloggers so they can, if they wish, continue to spread the word:

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Merry said...

Thank you so much for joining in. Very appreciated.

Dawn Raymond said...

My pleasure, Merry

World Vision UK said...

Thank you Dawn for joining in, what a fabulous blog post about childhood!

You can check it out on our Pinterest wall -