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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Do I hear wedding bells..?

As December is the season for Santa sacks, so January seems to be the season for  weddings!  With Christmas and New Year out of the way, many brides-to-be combat the January blues by planning their forthcoming nuptials.

One of the issues faced with wedding planners is whether or not to invite very young children, and if you do, how to keep them entertained through the long day.

One solution is to provide them with something to do.  A small activity bag filled with fun things - fiddle toys, colouring books, crayons etc will keep restless kiddies happy (and hopefully quiet!) during the speeches.

We have a variety of these wedding activity bags to suit all budgets - from a simple paper carrier bag, through to a luxury printed cotton bag.  For an extra special touch, all our bags are personalised with a special message and the child's name.  For more information, click on the descriptions of the  images below:

Wedding Cotton Tote Bags

Wedding Drawstring Cotton Bags

Personalised Paper Wedding Activity Bags - Boys

Personalised Paper Wedding Activity Bags - Girls
In addition to bags, we also have a range of personalised wedding boxes:

Personalised Wedding Activity Boxes

Many of our party bag fillers are suitable for these bags and boxes, in particular, we have a very wide range of small sticker activity books.

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