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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Happy Days

Woo hoo!  Today we're celebrating our 5000th order since we moved website hosts in August 2007. Well, I say celebrating, but it's a day like any other - but it's always nice to reach a new milestone...I wonder when we'll reach 6000?

Most of today will be spent printing our best selling and much loved personalised cotton party bags.  These are such a hit with customers because they are eco friendly, long lasting and of fantastic quality.  Each one can be individually tailored to your requirements, with your choice of character, and either a name or a message of your choice.

They're proving very popular at the moment for use as wedding activity bags for children.


Please Do Not Feed The Animals. said...

Hi Dawn - I hadn't realised you have a blog.
I got the owl personalised bags for my wee one's party and we loved them. They also arrived very quickly so great service.
Thanks, Lou.

Dawn Raymond said...

Thanks Lou - and you're very welcome - I'm glad you were pleased with them.