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Friday, 25 February 2011

Lotsa Loot Bags!

You know those fiddly jobs that have to be done, but you just keep putting off?  Well, I'm pleased to say I've just finished one of those - updating the party bags section.  The loot bags in particular have been hanging around my office waiting to be sorted and uploaded, including lots of new cello loot bags, like the one pictured.

 We're phasing out the character loot bags and replacing them with generic, themed loot bags (fairies, dinosaurs, pirates etc), so you'll find most of our licensed character loot bags reduced to half price, so why not pop along for a bargain?

You can see all our empty party bags by clicking this link:  children's party bags

Monday, 7 February 2011

Personalised Printed Labels

In addition to our personalised party bags and personalised party boxes, we've just launched a new range personalised printed labels.

Available in two sizes, the labels are self-adhesive and come in sheets of either 4 or 8.  They are perfect for sticking onto your own bags or boxes or even drinks bottles.  They also make perfect name stickers for children.