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Friday, 21 May 2010

Are you paying too much for your party bags?

According to The Wright Stuff on C5 this morning, the average cost of a child's party bag is a whopping £7.48!!  Would you pay this much?  Is it worth it?  I certainly don't think so, and nor do I think you should have to spend that amount.

Or am I wrong?  Maybe spending a large amount is the way to impress.  If everyone else spends up to £10.00 on party bags alone, shouldn't you do the same?

I believe you can impress without spending a fortune, and that is why most of our filled party products are priced between £1.00 and £3.00.

A personalised cotton party bag, filled with items  your child can use, have fun with, enjoy...will cost less than a fiver.  The handmade "Gorgeous Britain" filled party bagfi which we devised for the World Cup is our most expensive item at £5.50.

But enough of what I think, what do you think?

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