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Friday, 7 August 2009

If only dads planned birthday parties

"Women go to deranged lengths to stage a party for a child" according to Dave Barry of the Miami Herald.

I disagree (well, I would, because I'm one of them), but it is very easy to get sucked into buying everything you could possibly need to try and make sure every eventuality is covered. Through speaking to parents over the years, and having planned a few kids' parties myself, I've come to the conclusion that it's possible, and perhaps preferable, to keep things simple.

Not as simple as Dave's perfect party, though, which goes something like this:

"First off, the party would be about a month after the child's actual birthday, which is when dad would remember it. Dad's party theme would be "delivery pizza," which would also serve as the cake, the craft project and the party favor. The entertainment would be pulling dad's finger. The kids would have just as much fun."

You can read the whole of Dave's article here

You can find lots of simple party game ideas, party food ideas, as well as general party tips and some simple printable colouring sheets Funky Dory Party Bags.

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