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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Eco friendly "plantable" party bag fillers

What do you think of this for an unusual, eco-friendly party bag filler? It's a recycled paper product, embedded with wild plant seeds, so that once you've finished with it, you can plant it and be rewarded with a colourful array of wild flowers.

You can buy plantable invitations, place cards, and note cards, but our favourites are the plantable bookmarks. They are really pretty and can be customised with your own message, and would make fantastic, unusual party bag fillers.

What do you think?


Toniann (aka Ketty) said...

Fantastic idea and really unusual, i love the idea that you can actually do something with the packaging. Very eco friendly well done and another thumbs up for FDPB's

Dawn Raymond said...

Thanks Toniann! I don't actually sell them though (yet!) - just spotted them and thought they were brilliant, so wanted to share..

dennis said...
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Anonymous said...
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