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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

What to put in party bags

You don't have to spend too much time on an internet parenting forum until the "what to put in party bags" question comes up, and it always provokes strong, mixed reactions.

My personal pet hate is party bags jam packed with chocolate bars and sweets (normally full of e-numbers) and perhaps the cursory bit of "plastic tat" that usually ends up in the bin after 5 minutes. I'm not alone in this bugbear, as my forum friends are very vocal about their pet hates.

Always high on the agenda, along with the e-number invasion, is "plastic tat". Those with a few kids' parties under their belt will have had times when a tiny bit of plastic was deemed only good for the bin. Other much maligned party bag items are those with the potential to make a mess - modelling clay, bubbles and felt tips spring immediately to mind.

So these are the things parents seem to hate, but what do they really like? Without doubt, mothers do seem to like little board books (especially for toddlers), stationery sets, bouncy balls, and most especially wooden party bag fillers! Parents also like the idea of one item, as opposed to a bag full of stuff.

Now, seeing as I'm a purveyor of plastic toys, stationery AND wooden party bag fillers, what do I think? And more importantly, what do my customers think?

Well, judging by one excited phone call I had from a dad who'd just bought a load of plastic blow copters for his son's birthday, not everybody hates plastic. "They are great - they actually work!!" were his words to me, as well as "Can you send me some more?". So clearly, not everybody thinks plastic is tat. The same goes for our wind-up clockwork frog - it is only 50p and goes on for ages. It's very popular with big boys too - especially those in their 40's.....

I couldn't talk about "non-tat" plastic products without mentioning our best selling animal mugs. Made of plastic, they are cheaper and more durable than china mugs, and are really versatile.

Environmental issues aside, I think it's safe to say that while there IS a lot of tat about, not ALL plastic party bag fillers are complete rubbish.

What about wooden party bag fillers? Well, the cons are that they can be a lot more expensive than other options, and in some cases they can split easily, or have bits come unglued. But it has to be said, that if you can afford them, then you'd be hard pushed to upset any parent with a good quality wooden party bag filler. I particularly like wooden bracelets and necklaces for girls, and wooden mice or racing cars for boys.

Ultimately, I feel that we as parents shouldn't forget that party bags are for the children, and it's important to remember what they like too.

This blog post was prompted by an article by Sarah Ebner Times Online. It makes for interesting reading, particularly the readers' comments.

So, what do you think?

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Personalised Children's CD's and DVD's

I'm pleased to announce that with immediate effect, every Funky Dory Party Bags customer will receive a voucher with their order, which gives them 20% off any order at

Kids Stuff and Things produce personalised CD's, DVD's and story books to create the perfect, unique gift for all special occasions.

Readers of my blog can also take advantage of this code, which is FD222.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Top Party Tips - Competition Winners

Many thanks to all those who entered our February Competition. We were looking for top party tips, be it a great party game, craft activity, food idea.....the more original the better.

The overall winner is Rachael Hardy from Sheffield, who has a simple, yet really affective way of playing pass the parcel. Instead of using lots of layers, she only uses one. The children have to pass it round as quickly as possible because if the music stops when they are holding it, they are out. Younger kids can then have a sweet, and older kids can maybe have a forfeit and a sweet. The last child left is the winner and gets to open the present. We love this game, because it stops the kids hanging onto the parcel, stops kids getting fidgetty, and sloping off from the circle when they've opened their layer, and they therefore know they have no chance of winning! Also, it saves on paper and mess! Well done Rachael, who receives a £10.00 voucher to spend at Funky Dory Party Bags, as well as a 20-track party music CD.

Details of the winner, and the other 4 winners of the 20-track CD, as well as their entries, can be find at the Funky Dory Party Bags competition page.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Personalised Chocolate Bars for your Party Bags

I'm delighted to announce that our range of personalised party products now includes personalised chocolate bars!

Each 35 gram bar consists of 10 squares of delicious creamy milk chocolate, and can be wrapped in a choice of 10 assorted themes, specially selected to appeal to a wide range of children.

Perfect for use as party invitations, party bag fillers, wedding favours, or just as gifts.

They cost £1.50 each, and the minimum order quantity per design is 2 bars. They are produced to order, and we can email you a proof for approval if you wish.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Monday, 9th March sees the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Barbie doll. Looks pretty good for 50, doesn't she?

On Sunday, 8th March, Hamleys will be holding a special birthday party, complete with prizes, cupcakes and party bags! We understand Barbie herself will be making a special appearance too.

You can read more about it by following the link below:
Barbie’s Birthday Party at Hamley’s

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If you're thinking of having a Barbie party of your own, you can find Barbie loot bags at only 20p each, as well as lots of pink, girly party accessories here.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

New Personalised Party Bags

Our personalised party boxes have been a big seller for a couple of years now, so it was only logical to make a personalised party bag version.

We're really pleased with the way these bags have turned out - they look fantastic, and as they are made from recycled white kraft paper, they are environmentally friendly too! Choose from the five charming designs, adapted from handpainted originals, and customise them with your own message.

Not only are they really good - looking, but they are also very versatile - they have an inner capacity of 18 cm x 9cm x 22cm, so there is plenty of room for lots of party bag fillers, or wedding activities or even a packed lunch!

You can see them all here:

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Toddler Party Games

You will find lots of ideas for party games at Funky Dory Party Bags, however, you might feel you need something a little more toddler-friendly!

Here is an interesting article about toddler party games, including a couple of variations on a treasure hunt (including a pirate themed one!), and some other simple yet effective, fun party games for toddlers.

Here it is:

Toddler Birthday Party Games
You should know that planning the perfect toddler birthday party revolves around having fun games. Since your options are virtually unlimited, you may not know where to start.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

How to plan a birthday party

If you have a child's birthday party looming, and the thought of entertaining 20 or more young children for 2 hours fills you with panic, then read on.

I've found that like most important life events, such as moving house, going on holiday, having a baby....the importance is in the planning.

If you spend 20 minutes or so (even less) to sit down, take a deep breath and actually plan your party, then it will seem all the less daunting, and infinitely more manageable.

I've found an excellent online birthday party checklist which may be of use. It is very detailed, so covers all the relevant points. Take a look at it, use it, and relax!