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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Balloons and Banners

Whilst Funky Dory Party Bags' speciality is filled party bags and mugs, we appreciate that customers are often looking for more than just those items when they are shopping with us. With this in mind, we occasionally branch out into other areas and are slowly and surely expanding our range of party products.

We are really pleased by the positive reception the Funky Dory Birthday Party CD's have received, and have just added lots of lovely balloons and banners to the Party Supplies section.

The latex balloons are available in number of colours and are of very high quality. They are 11 inch diameter, and very strong and supple, meaning they can be used for games and decorations and will not burst very easily!

The 9ft party banners are in plastic and in various bright, appealing colours - they feature the messages "happy birthday", "the party's here" and "birthday boy or girl". Each design is repeated 3 times, so the banners can be used as one long party decoration or divided into 3 equal sections.

We also have some lovely bright Happy Birthday Bunting, which measures a whopping 3.6 metres in length (approx).

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