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Saturday, 3 January 2009

New animal themed party bag fillers now in!

We've just made some exciting new additions to our party bag fillers section. Animals (especially those of the creepy crawly variety) are always very popular because they have a wide appeal with both boys and girls, and we are sure our new arrivals will prove to be no exception.

Firstly we have our hilarious rolling tongue animals. These rubbery critters are substantial in size and in a variety of species and bright colours. Each animal has a comic face, and when squeezed, it releases its tongue in an amusing manner. They are strangely appealing to both boys and girls (and adults...!). You can buy them here.

Next we have some tiny plastic rubbery ladybirds. They measure approximately 2cm, and are very finely detailed and surprisingly appealing. Perfect for party bags of an insect, natural world nature. You can buy them here.

Finally, similar to the ladybirds, we have some tiny plastic frogs! Again, measuring approximately 2cm, they are finely detailed and amazingly tactile and appealing! You can buy them here.

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