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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Get in touch with your wild side..........

......... with our new foam animal masks! We LOVE these masks because they are so cute and colourul and fit children of any age (over 3 of course!).

The zoo animal masks include lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras, tigers and monkeys.

The farm animal masks include pigs, cows, sheep, rabbits, cats and dogs.

Priced at just 60p each they are a great party accessory and would make a great alternative to a party bag for those working to a tight budget!

Animal themed parties are very popular because they are ideal for both boys and girls, and the party giver can let their imagination run! These animal masks can provide inspiration for some fantastic party games. Here are a couple of ideas:

Have a bag or box filled with assorted animal masks. Each child picks a mask out of the bag, then has to put it on and act like that animal.

Or you could hold an animal treasure hunt. This will need some forward planning but is great fun. Have the children each pick a mask from the bag. That mask becomes "their" animal. Before the treasure hunt starts you would have made lots of animal themed cards and hidden them around the room! Each child has to find as many animal cards as he can that correspond to his mask. Naturally, if there are lots of children, then more than one will have the same animal, so make sure you do LOTS of cards!

For more ideas on animal themed parties, ncluding games, craft activities, food and party bags, please see my Squidoo lens

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