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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Do you Twitter?

I've just discovered a new distraction called Twitter. It took a little while to understand the concept, but it's a different kind of social network - rather like Facebook without the extras. If, like me, you like reading everyone's Facebook updates, then you'll probably like Twitter, because, on the surface, that's all Twitter is - updates!

It may sound simple (and indeed it is), and you may wonder, what's the point in logging on to Twitter to tell anyone who cares to follow my updates that I'm just about to put the washing in the dryer? Well.........that is a very valid point, but it only takes a while to realise the power of Twitter lies in whose updates (or tweets, I believe they may be called) you follow, and how many people you can, through social networking, get to follow you.

As a website owner, I can use Twitter to direct people to my special offers, competitions, new products, this blog, or indeed share an inane pondering as to how long exactly it will take my 4 yr old son to finish his soup - he's still slurping away, approximately 43 minutes since I presented it to him for lunch.

As a follower, I can get immediate updates on the news by following the BBC newsfeed, learn business news and tips from Business Groups, keep up to date with friends and colleagues, and anything else that interests me.

Simple it may be, but strangely addictive too! All you need to do is choose to follow somebody - then you can see who they are following, and choose to follow them if you wish. You can also search for other users, and invite people over so they can follow you.

Why not give it a try? If you choose to follow my tweets, you'll find me here:


Melitsa said...

Glad to see you on Twitter. There are so many ways to find people like you or in your interest. If you search for Twitter apps you'll be amazed. Follow @MrTweet for recommendations. Check out his site. If you run FF browser there are quite a few twitter browsers that automatically update for you. Tweetdeck, twhirl, twitterfox.

Dawn Raymond said...

Thanks Melitsa - I'll have a look into those.

Elaine, Littlesheep Learning said...

Wow - I should have read your twitter blog post before I wrote my very boring one! Good to read your tweets!