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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Skype Me!

Wow - what a great tool the VOIP phone is, and what a luddite I feel for not having found out until now!

My good friend, who runs a website selling wooden and traditional toys, Knot Just Jigs suggested it to me, so being the proverbial bull who runs at the gate, by lunchtime the next day I had installed it and was in a store purchasing a stereo headset.

The great thing about this internet phone is that customers can get hold of me whenever they like - either through the telephone, via voicemail or via my mobile phone through redirection.

The best thing though, is that calls between Skype users are absolutely free.

I now have to figure out the quickest way to answer the phone, engage headset and sound like a sensible person who hasn't just rushed into the office from filling the dishwasher!

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