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Monday, 28 April 2008

Party Time

It was our middle son's 6th birthday party this weekend, and we chose the easiest option - get someone else to do it! Well, that's not strictly true as they had one hour of football and sports at the local leisure centre (organised by the leisure centre staff), followed by a tea party (organised by me, my Mum and Mother-in-Law).

As always on these occasions, I ignore my own well-researched advice and leave everything to the last minute - inluding the personalised party boxes which were hot off the printer with approximately 30 minutes to go, and filled at the last minute. I found this quite easy, because the boxes snap together in about 1 second, and are very rigid so it's easy to chuck a few fillers in there.Having lost the list of invitees, it was impossible to check that everybody had replied, and seeing as we are quite new to the area, quite embarrassing to approach random mothers in the playground to see if their child a) had been invited and b) were coming!

In the end, I decided not to stress about it, but to go with the flow, even though I had no idea who was and wasn't coming - and took the view that this all added to the excitement.......

In the end we had a very good turn out and everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves. All the kids were really well behaved too, and ate most of the food, so a big success in my book.

Here's some pictures of my boys (from left to right - Matthew 8, Adam 6, Oliver 3) who really did us proud on the day.

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